General Repairs

What we do...

Davies Fabrications undertake all aspects of general repair work including…

  • the welding of Alloy Wheels (tyres need to be removed first as we don’t offer tyre removal service)
  • Welding of castings and engine casings
  • Alterations
  • Re-manufacture

Case Study

The Problem...
Our customer had a cracked Gearbox Casing. The clutch had failed and wore away at the gearbox housing. Rather than spend out on an expensive new Gearbox, the customer commissioned us to repair the part.

The Solution...
After careful inspection we found it was safe to repair the Gearbox. We used an aluminium welder to build the part up. Within just one hour, the customer had the part back in full working order.

Our General Repairs Equipment

  • 4m Guillotine. Capable of cutting up to 6mm.
  • 4m CNC Press Brake. Capable of bending up to 6mm.
  • Punch. Capable of punching up to 20mm in thickness.
  • Rolls. Capable of rolling 13mm.
  • Hydroform. Capable of bending 6mm.
  • Copy Punch. Capable of punching up to 6mm.
  • Band Saw. Up to 350mm cut.
  • A vast array of TIG, MIG and MMA Welders.
  • Plasma Cutting.
  • Flame Cutting.

Why choose us for General Repairs?

  • We can repair parts that are rare or hard to replace.
  • Save money with a repair instead of buying a new part.
  • Save time.

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